Lvshunkou District of Dalian is located in the southernmost part of Liaodong Peninsula in China, and is known as the “Fortress to Tianjin and the Gateway to the South”. Dalian Haifu Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is right there. Haifu Machinery was established in 2010, has nearly 100 employees and an area of 20,000m2, and is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, maintenance and sales of mechanical equipment, mechanical and electrical equipment, and chemical equipment.

The first to “eat crabs”

In 2010, after the establishment, Haifu machinery did not immediately start the production, because when the President Wang Benfu went for investigation and study in the peers of machinery manufacturing industry, he accidentally found Haitian Precision had the equipment with high processing efficiency and good quality, and decided to buy the first Haitian 6-meters gantry. So Haifu became the first manufacturer in Lvshunkou District to adopt the equipment of Haitian Precision. This equipment didn’t let them down. The accuracy of the product processed with it far exceeded customer’s expectations, and then customers even designed the size of the parts according to the size of the equipment. Therefore, Wang Benfu confirmed the direction of development, and has grown a deep trust in the brand of Haitian Precision.

In order to meet the needs of customers for parts production, Haifu Machinery would order a gantry from Haitian Precision every other year, from 4 meters to 12 meters of different sizes – tailor-made for customers. Haitian Precision equipment has high precision, good stability, excellent performance, and obvious advantages over other competitive products in all aspects, and has been gradually popular in Lvshunkou District and chosen by more and more manufacturers.

Widen the track and accelerate automation

With the transfer of policies to emerging industries, SMEs are facing with technological transformation and upgrading and change of economic development mode. Wang Benfu realized that the new energy industry is about to become a sunrise industry. As early as seven years ago, he began to learn about the photovoltaic industry, and start the layout of production. At present, the company provides customers with the supporting production of solar precision equipment, and brings customers more competitive photovoltaic products and semiconductor solutions continuously.

In recent years, the business volumes of automobile and photovoltaic go hand in hand, the original plant of Haifu Machinery can no longer meet the production requirements, and the expansion work of 7,000m2 processing workshop is now under preparation. In order to satisfy with the needs of production cycle, Haifu Machinery plans to introduce flexible production lines, so as to carry out automatic input in the whole process, such as cutting stock, stamping and welding, and assembly welding, improve efficiency and output, improve product quality and production scale simultaneously, and double the benefits. “ With good equipment, there are less failures, and small problems can be solved in time.” While ensuring the quality, the timely and convenient after-sales service also set Wang Benfu’s mind at rest and relieve him from worries.

In the conversation, Wang Benfu did not hesitate to praise from his heart: “If Haitian does good, so do we; and if we do good, Haitian will be better.” I believe this is also the good vision of every Haitian customer.

Water rises to level with shores at high tide, sails are hoisted to ride along with tailwind. Under the favorable background of Northeastern industrial economic recovery, Haifu Machinery firmly grasped the golden period, advanced layout, complemented the short board and forged the long board under the support of Haitian Precision equipment, and achieved the long-standing career with professional equipment.