In the development process of new energy, wind energy has been concerned by the society because of its advantages of environmental protection, green and renewable. China’s 13th Five-year Plan points out that we should continue to accelerate the development of renewable energy industries such as wind power, which will promote the output of wind turbine components. Therefore, the demand for precision CNC machine tools and cutting tools is also growing. The machining of wind power equipment parts is very demanding for machine tools, cutting tools and technology. Moreover, the working condition and environment of wind power equipment are mostly poor, which also puts forward higher requirements for the processing of related equipment.

Aiming at the wind power industry with constantly changing forms, Haitian Precision GRUⅡ, GNU and GZU large and medium-sized fixed beam gantry machining center solves the processing difficulties of high difficulty, high strength, high load-bearing, and large and high chase parts in the wind power industry through modular combination design, and promotes the development of the wind power industry with its superior performance.

The product adheres to the characteristics of traditional gantry machine tool, such as strong rigidity, symmetrical structure and high stability. Through finite element analysis, it optimizes the structure of basic components, improves the dynamic performance of the product, and obtains the perfect combination of high power, high torque, high efficiency and high precision processing. It is applicable to large and heavy processing fields such as ships, wind power, construction machinery, etc.

With the continuous improvement of the industrialization level of wind power equipment and the rapid increase of the localization ratio, the wind power market is becoming more and more mature, which provides a good development platform for the CNC machine tool industry. Advanced equipment manufacturing technology, especially advanced machine tools and cutting tools, is the fundamental guarantee for the upgrading of wind power equipment manufacturing industry. With the processing advantages of wind power industry, Haitian Precision gantry machining center series will strongly support the steady upgrading of China’s wind power industry.