On the morning of December 25, “Originality • Future Intelligence” Haitian Precision 2024 New Product Release Meeting was held grandly in Yanshan Factory of Ningbo. The meeting focuses on the concept of new thinking, new dreams, and new leapfrog developments, bringing forward an upgrade in terms of product segmentation and industry deepening, and injecting new vitality into the 2024 market development.

At the beginning of the meeting, Zhang Bin, Executive Vice President of the Group, delivered a speech, and said that in the increasingly fierce environment, the Company had further improved the product spectrum, expanded the R&D team, and consolidated the core competitiveness with the complementary advantages of products close to the market and the industrial chain, moving towards the goal of continuously improving the brand image and market share of Haitian together with partners.

Followed that, Zhao Wanyong, Executive Deputy General Manager of Haitian Precision, introduced about the development ideas of heavy-duty product to guests present. Through the three synchronic steps of being bigger, stronger and faster, enhance differentiated competition, subdivide the specialized market, and make product performance better fit with customer demands.

Lin Hongran, Deputy General Manager of Haitian Precision, introduced about the high-speed and high-precision product. In view of the rapid development of new energy industry, Haitian Precision has created a series of products for the development of large-scale integrated die casting parts, integrating advantageous technologies into them to meet the processing requirements of customers all around.

Xu Linbo, Assistant to General Manager of Haitian Precision, introduced about the products attracting a large flow, bringing new vitality to the market with rich kinds of specifications, reliable and stable processing performance, and excellent cost performance.

A new era is around the corner, in the waves of industrial iteration and upgrading, Haitian Precision has always adhered to the principle of leading technology, rooted in the market and customer base, focused on high-quality and efficient service, and rewarded the trust and support of our customers with quality.