Fasteners are an essential component of core basic parts, often referred to as the “rice of industry,” found in everything from airplanes and high-speed trains to everyday personal items. Cold headers are specialized equipment used specifically for producing nuts and bolts, and, like machine tools, are foundational to the manufacturing industry.

Wenzhou Boyu Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Boyu Machinery) is a professional manufacturer of fastener equipment with over twenty years of production experience and is a leader in the domestic cold header industry. The company has a standard factory covering 40,000 square meters, encompassing design, research and development, processing, assembly, debugging, and sales, providing customers with fully automatic metal cold heading nut and bolt machines: multi-station cold heading nut and bolt machines among other products.

Wenzhou is recognized as “China’s City of Fasteners,” with a leading domestic supply capacity for fasteners. In Wenzhou and even in Zhejiang, Boyu Machinery was among the first batch of manufacturers to produce cold headers. As early as the 1980s, Boyu Machinery was involved in the machinery industry, transitioning in the 1990s to produce cold headers. After more than 30 years of technological accumulation and over 20 years of R&D and manufacturing experience, Boyu Machinery has formed an independent R&D team covering the entire system from design to production.

The development relies on solid and deep cultivation step by step. As the company has grown, Boyu Machinery urgently needed a batch of reliable, comprehensive service machine tools for capacity expansion. “At that time, after comparing domestic machine tools, Haitian Precision Machinery met our requirements,” said Chen Chaoqiang, Deputy General Manager of Boyu Machinery. “Considering both are Zhejiang enterprises with timely service and given the market’s high recognition of Haitian Precision Machinery, we chose them in the end.”

High-quality processing equipment, exquisite manufacturing processes, and fully controllable processing have all led Boyu Machinery’s cold headers to receive wide acclaim within the industry. In recent years of unstable market conditions, Boyu Machinery has still managed to maintain continuous orders.

Currently, Boyu Machinery owns more than 20 pieces of equipment from Haitian Precision. Gantry machining centers are used for roughing the body and turntables of cold headers or for machining large parts with high material removal rates, such as feed linkages. Vertical machining centers handle small parts or irregular items, such as mold box plates and rocker arms. General Manager Chen explained that mold box plates have many threaded holes and require high feed speed for one-time processing on vertical machines. He noted that Haitian Precision Machinery’s equipment is highly precise and efficient, meeting the requirements for precision machining for both vertical and gantry machines.

Inside Boyu Machinery’s workshop, Haitian Precision’s machine tools run at full capacity every day, having never encountered major failures during use. Occasional minor issues are typically resolved the same day, undoubtedly providing a strong boost to the company’s ongoing stable production.

As the new factory is being prepared and the company’s digital management is deepened, old conventional machine tools on the production line will gradually be replaced with CNC machine tools. For whole processing procedures and tooling similar parts like templates, rocker arms, and sliders, Boyu Machinery is planning to select flexible machining lines for small batch and multi-variety production, also looking forward to continuing cooperation with Haitian Precision.

In the vast engine of technological innovation, every screw is dutifully operational, and every machine tool safeguards quality. Boyu Machinery and Haitian Precision, moving towards “new” goals with “quality” as their guide, continuously push our country’s modern industrial development to new heights, striving relentlessly to achieve high-level technological self-reliance and strength.