HPC II series is a new generation of horizontal machining center created by Haitian Precision for China’s high-end market. Flexibly dealing with the processing of various materials from high-speed and high-precision processing to heavy cutting processing and from aluminum and steel part processing to castings, HPC II series is widely used in precision machining fields such as automobile, plastic machinery, etc. Seeing is believing. Let’s take HPC650Ⅱ as an example to have a look!

Main parameters of HPC650Ⅱ:

  1. Three-axis stroke X/Y/Z:1,050/900/1,000mm
  2. Workbench size: 630mm×630mm
  3. Bearing capacity of workbench: 1,300kg
  4. Rapid feed X/Y/Z: 60m/min
  5. Spindle speed: 8,000rpm
  6. Spindle power: 26/45kW
  7. Spindle torque: 305/623N•m