Haitian Precision successfully ended its March tour this spring, making its steps all over the north and south of the motherland this March. During this tour, Haitian Precision’s new products and new technologies have appeared in more areas and made a great difference to the local.

With the grand and bright booth, intelligent products, and professional team, Haitian Precision’s booth attracted businessmen from all walks of life to stop, look at samples, inquire about purchases, and negotiate cooperation. The exhibition site was fruitful and outstanding, with a cumulative turnover of tens of millions of on-site and there more batches of intentional orders in the follow-up. The exhibition went deep into the local market, not only bringing a convenient service platform to local businessmen, but also promoting Haitian Precision’s excellent equipment to those who really need it.

Haitian Precision will tour in many places across China, so we are looking forward to your continuous attention.