Inheriting the characteristics of strong rigidity and wide processing range of traditional gantry products, GLU Ⅱ PLUS Fixed Beam Gantry Machining Center realizes the perfect integration of strength and high precision machining with full gear transmission and cross hard rail ram technology. It is widely used in high-end manufacturing fields such as molds, automobiles, rail transit, and medical care. Now, let’s feel the extraordinary strength of GLU Ⅱ PLUS through the lens!

High-torque full gear reducer

High-torque full gear reducer with simple and reliable structure and stepless speed regulation realizes two-speed shifting by hydraulic automatic shifting.

Integrated design of overall framework

The beam guide rail is arranged in advanced 90°, and the beam and column are integrated to give full play to the advantages of the beam structure.

Upgraded version of intelligent CNC system

The CNC system is fully upgraded, and the functions of thermal compensation, wireless IOT and vibration monitoring can be realized through the F2 card subject to secondary development.