Haitian Precision at Wuhan Machine Tool Fair

The 19th China International Machinery & Electronic Products Fair and the 7th Wuhan International Machine Tool Fair (referred to as “Lijia Wuhan Fair”) were successfully held in Wuhan International Exposition Center from 6th to 9th September. On the first day of the fair, Xu Honglan, Vice Mayor of Wuhan, Han Minchun, Director of the Bureau of Commerce of Wuhan and other guests visited the fair for investigation and guidance, and came to the booth of Haitian Precision to compare notes with the company leaders, hoping to make full use of the platform to promote the development of Wuhan’s intelligent manufacturing. The theme of this fair was “Intelligent manufacturing, interconnection and interoperability”, and new technology, new equipment and new process of the industry were presented. Haitian Precision exhibited three intelligent machining centers, attracting a large number of visitors to negotiate, and encouraged a warm atmosphere.