Safety in Production – Haitian Precision’s Production Safety Month

In response to the 17th National “Production Safety Month”, in order to further strengthen the fire safety awareness of workshop staff and enhance their ability to deal with emergencies. On the afternoon of 8th June, Haitian Precision Dagang plant organized fire safety training and exercises.

The fire safety training was introduced by the instructors from district fire brigade, mainly from the introduction and use of fire equipment, fire extinguishing methods and matters needing attention, fire hazards, self-rescue capacities, enriched the staff’s fire knowledge, with high practicality and operability. In order to put the learned knowledge into practice, after the training, the firefighters guide the staff through the exercises on the open space of the factory, and the staff took turns to carry out practical operation, and finally mastered the use of fire extinguishers.

The fire training and exercises, combining theory with practice, improved the staff’s fire awareness and prevention skills, popularized fire knowledge, and achieved very good results. At the same time, it laid a solid foundation for the efficient and orderly development of production safety in the future.