As high-end equipment manufacturing industry is in the “rush year”, Haitian Precision is ready to explore the infinite possibilities of market development and bring more efficient and high-quality products to all over China. Multiple cities link to show the processing solutions in popular areas.

Tianjin exhibition

Foshan exhibition

Ningbo exhibition

Chongqing exhibition

The machine tool exhibition is both a barometer of the industry and a refractor for the latest development trends in the industry. Under the general situation of economic recovery, Haitian Precision consilidates step by step, forges ahead, and opens up a broader market through effective links of resources. It also continues to sink the client to show new products, better solutions and more comprehensive services, so that every customer can feel the quality of ingenuity. In the second half of the year, Haitian Precision Exhibition is still continuing. Please continue to follow our public account to grasp the first-hand exhibition information!